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A Taste of Summer!

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

A taste of Summer!

I was inspired to create this Fascinator this summer, from watching people enjoying

the weather, eating ice-creams by the sea, and the wonderful colours of the wild flowers

growing on the clifftop and the fresh flowers grown locally by the Southwold Flower Co.

Looking at the ice-cream cones in the local sweet shop,I decided to experiment, and see if I

could make the cone work on top of the fascinator.

I coated it in varnish and painted it white, it worked!

The flowers cascading out of the cone are all the colours of ice-cream!

This is a stunning piece for a wedding or a day at the races.

A lovely white brocade Fascinator, with dainty flowers cascading from an Ice-Cream Cone, and a Butterfly hovering!

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